How Long Do Desk Chairs Last On Average?

How Long Do Desk Chairs Last On Average?

Your desk chair is making ungodly squeaking sounds. Your back and hips have been hurting for months now, which has caused chronic pain outside of sitting at your desk. You haven’t wanted to consider it might be the chair’s doing…but it might be time to invest in a new desk chair. It’s only been a few years since you purchased this desk chair that is not only falling apart before your very eyes but making you feel like you’re falling apart with it. 

So, you may now ask the question, how long do desk chairs last? Desk chairs can last anywhere from 1-10 years depending on a few key factors that we will discuss in this informative article. Quality, durability, user handling, and cleaning maintenance are all important factors that can lead to the shortening or lengthening of your desk chair’s lifespan. 

If you’re seeking more information on how to make your desk chair last longer or what qualities go into a long-lasting desk chair, keep reading! 

Factors Affecting How Long Desk Chairs Last

There are a few key factors that can affect how long desk chairs last. Continue reading below to learn what they are and how they can shorten your desk chair’s lifespan!

The Quality & Durability Of The Desk Chair Itself

If the quality of the desk chair is poor, the durability of the chair will follow, resulting in a menial lifespan. When a computer chair is made using high-quality materials by skillful craftsmen, the lifespan of the chair will be longer. 

Many qualities go into what many consider a “good” desk chair as seen in our post, “What Makes A Good Computer Chair: Buying Guide”. Important qualities like ergonomic support, adjustable components, durable materials, and quality craftsmanship are but a few aspects to search for in a reliable desk chair. In our post, “Why You Need A Good Office Chair”, we go over the importance of spending money to invest in a quality office chair---one that lasts long, provides efficient back support, and doesn’t make sitting for long hours utterly miserable due to improper design. 

How Hard Are You On The Desk Chair?

For a desk chair owner that frequently swings or lands roughly onto the desk chair, the lifespan of the desk chair can shorten. Sitting properly on a desk chair is recommended in order to maintain a lengthened lifespan of your quality desk chair. 

Roughhousing and dropping heavily down into your desk chair can result in wear and tear on the seat cushion. Swinging around in the desk chair can affect the legs and other parts of the desk chair. Treat your desk chair gently if you desire for it to last longer.  

Do You Clean The Desk Chair Frequently?

Taking care of your desk chair is one of the best methods for maintaining a quality desk chair and increasing the likelihood of a long lifespan for your desk chair. 

Long hours spent in a desk chair result in an accumulation of dust, food crumbs, and other components These components can make your desk chair a germ hotbed while also contributing to stains degrading the material of the desk chair. Follow our post, “How To Clean An Ergonomic Office Chair Correctly”, to learn how to properly maintain, clean, and care for your desk chair to lengthen its lifespan. 

So, How Long Do Desk Chairs Last On Average?

How long do desk chairs last on average? A quality desk chair should last anywhere from 7-10 years, with lesser quality or mishandled desk chairs shortening the lifespan to 1-7 years. If the desk chair is not looked after, the lifespan of the desk chair will follow suit and break down, resulting in the need to buy a new one.

Want to learn how to make your desk chair last longer? Follow along below with our tips and tricks for a long-lasting desk chair! 

How To Make Your Desk Chair Last Longer: Tips & Tricks

There are sure-fire methods, tips, and tricks that can make your desk chair last longer. Follow along below to learn how to get the most years out of your desk chair! 

Invest In A Quality Desk Chair - Or Pay For It In The Long Run

Buying cheap is not the way to go when it comes to buying a quality desk chair. There are many factors that go into what is considered a “quality” desk chair---ergonomic design, material, durability, and so on. 

Investing in a cheap desk chair, that is made with low-quality materials and poor craftsmanship, will result in issues such as back pain, discomfort sitting for long hours, and a short lifespan of the desk chair. On the other hand, investing in a quality desk chair will result in maximum seated comfort, provide needed support, and boast a long lifespan. 

We explain in our post, “What Makes A Comfortable Chair: Ergonomics Explained”, what makes a quality chair ergonomic and comfortable and what makes a low-quality chair more likely to cause intense neck, spine, hip, and back pain. The importance of investing in an ergonomic chair, as seen in our other post, “Can An Ergonomic Chair Help Posture?”, presents further contributions like the benefits of improved posture thanks to intuitive and adjustable designs. 

Going the cheap route will only result in discomfort, pain, and the eventual need to buy a new chair due to the lack of durability and quality of the cheap, low-quality desk chair. Do yourself a favor and invest in a quality desk chair to save yourself time, money, and back pain! 

Clean Your Desk Chair Frequently & Take Good Care Of It

If you desire something to last long, you need to take care of it---that includes a desk chair!

Whether it be dust lining the seat lining or ketchup stains on the armrest, cleaning your desk chair frequently will result in a longer lifespan for your desk chair. As seen in our post, “Why Are Desk Chairs So Expensive These Days?” desk chairs aren’t so cheap these days. There’s a reason for that. 

Compared to desk chairs crafted and sold twenty years ago, present-day desk chairs are crafted and designed to not be a “one size fits all” chair. Instead, desk chairs are more likely---depending on the desk chair and quality---to be customized to an individual’s physical build, how they like to sit, and the length of time they spend sitting in the chair. Ergonomic chairs are more widespread than they were twenty years ago, thanks to the common issue of the back, hip, and neck pain that nagged at desk workers. 

Due to this rise in price, you may want to invest in consistently cleaning your desk chair to avoid having to spend the money to buy a new one. Take the time to clean your desk chair and you won’t have to invest in another one for 7-10 years! 

Spend Less Time In The Chair (Invest In A Standing Desk!)

The more you use your desk chair the more likely there will be wear and tear. To avoid having to invest in a new desk chair sooner than you’d like, we recommend investing in a standing desk. 

Also referred to as a stand-up desk, a standing desk is an ergonomically designed desk that rises to a height that allows for the user to stand up while working. The human body was not designed to be sitting for 8+ hours a day. In fact, long hours of sitting have contributed to negative side effects in weight, posture, and lifespan---hence the reason ergonomically designed desk chairs and desks were created to prevent these consequences. 

A standing desk is a productive method of preventing hip, neck, and back issues related to sitting for long periods of time, while also giving your desk chair a much-needed break. 

Looking For The Longest Lasting Desk Chair?

By investing in a quality long-lasting desk chair, you are making the most out of your money. Benefited by ergonomic design, quality, and durability, your long-lasting desk chair will make sitting long hours a joy instead of a hip-aching hassle. But, which chair do you buy for a long-lasting desk chair? There’s one chair for the job: ErgoTune.

Our ergonomic desk chair is a high-quality desk chair versatile in its usage ---from playing games, working long hours, or chilling at your desk. Featured on Yahoo, Technobabble, and other reputable companies, ErgoTune has 11 unique calibration points combined with superior quality and craftsmanship that promote pain-free comfort. 

Customizable, ErgoTune’s seat height, depth, armrests, headrest, lumbar support to the backrest, and other features can be adjusted to fit you. Hybrid mesh is used to keep you cool throughout the work day without the risk of the material degrading over time. Still uncertain if ErgoTune can live up to your expectations? ErgoTune comes with an industry-leading 12-year warranty---that’s how confident we are in our top-quality desk chairs! 

How Long Do Desk Chairs Last? Wrapping Things Up

After reading this article, you should be able to answer the question, “How long do desk chairs last?”, along with what key factors contribute to how long a desk chair lasts. Quality, durability, cleaning maintenance, and user handling are the main contributors to the lifespan of a desk chair. Are high-quality materials used to craft the desk chair? Are skilled craftsmen designing the chair for durability and optimal design? How often is the desk chair cleaned to maintain the fabric and quality? In this article, we go over how each of these questions belies the shortening or lengthening of a desk chair's lifespan. 

That’s why we recommend shopping for the #1 ergonomic chair in Singapore, ErgoTune. With an industry-leading 12-year warranty, customizable features, durable and ergonomic design, and versatile usage, ErgoTune is a long-lasting desk chair that lives up to its reputation. 

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