Are Gaming Chairs Good For Office Work?

Are Gaming Chairs Good For Office Work?

Have you ever thought of using a gaming chair for work? If you're an office worker (perhaps from home) by day and a gamer by night, it only makes sense to get a chair that can do both. This saves space and money all at once. Sounds great - but are gaming chairs good for office work?

When you look at a gaming chair and an ergonomic office chair side by side, you'll probably see no difference other than the aesthetics. However, this doesn't mean that a gaming chair and an ergonomic office chair are similar. In fact, they are quite different in a lot of ways.

Read on to find out the differences between ergonomic office chairs vs. gaming chairs, and our final verdict on whether gaming chairs are good for office work!

What's The Difference Between Gaming Chairs & Office Chairs?

The biggest difference between an ergonomic office chair and a typical gaming chair is the aesthetics. Most gaming chairs are built more for aesthetic appeal than functionality. This is because most gamers want a gaming chair that will suit the vibe of the rest of their setup. That said, it comes as no surprise that gaming chairs come in a vast variety of colors, styles, and designs.

Office chairs, on the other hand, typically look plain and professional since they are made to be in a standard office.

Another key difference between office chairs and gaming chairs is the build. The backrests on most office chairs (except for executive chairs) stop at the base of the neck and may come with a headrest. The height of gaming chair backrests goes beyond the top of the head. This is because gaming chairs are meant to be used for long periods of playing, which calls for more support for the entire back as well as the head, neck, and shoulders.

More than that, gaming chairs typically do not have built-in lumbar support--but most come with lumbar support pillows. Ergonomic office chairs have lumbar support built into the design of the backrest to help support the natural curve of the lower spine. This might not be a deal-breaker for you, but it's still worth noting if you're thinking about getting a gaming chair for your office.

In any case, here's a helpful guide on how to get better lumbar support for more info.

When it comes to adjustability and ergonomics, gaming chairs and ergonomic office chairs go head-to-head. Both of these chairs are designed to keep you comfortable through long hours of sitting. Therefore, they are highly adjustable, coming with armrests, seat heights, seat depths, reclines, and backrests that you can easily modify.

That said, it is safe to say that both gaming chairs and office chairs can provide a great amount of comfort while sitting for long hours. This brings us to our next question:

So - Are Gaming Chairs Good For Office Work?

So - are gaming chairs good for office work?

Yes, using a gaming chair for office work is definitely recommended. But why is that, exactly? Here are the best reasons why gaming chairs are good for office work:

You Can Use The Gaming Chair For Office Work Instead Of Buying Two Chairs

If you're working from home, investing in a good office chair is a must. But if you're also a gamer, you may also want a chair that is dedicated to gaming. Unless money is not an issue (both gaming chairs and office chairs don't come cheap!) and you have separate rooms for office work and gaming, buying both may not be a good idea.

Both gaming chairs and ergonomic office chairs are built to make long hours of sitting comfortable. A gaming chair will typically come with the same level of adjustability that an office chair will. So, killing two birds with one stone here is the more practical choice. Plus, you can instantly switch to gaming mode after work when you're already sitting in your gaming chair!

They're Highly Adjustable & Ergonomic

Gaming chairs are highly adjustable and ergonomic. We've already made that point across. But let's dive in a little bit deeper:

Most gaming chairs have adjustable armrests, seat heights, seat depths, seat tilts, and backrest recline. These features allow you to modify your sitting position to one that facilitates good posture. For example, an adjustable seat tilt allows you to tilt your seat forward or backward, which can help relieve tension from your back, hips, and knees. An adjustable backrest can move forward or backward, depending on which position supports your natural spine alignment the most. And the list goes on!

Office chairs have the same level of adjustability since they are built for ergonomics first, aesthetics second. Gaming chairs, on the other hand, are just as ergonomic but come with the added benefit of visual appeal. That said, if you want functionality and aesthetics, gaming chairs are the clear winner here.

Want to make your home office more conducive to productivity? Here's our ultimate guide on how to upgrade your home office with ergonomics.

Some Gaming Chairs Allow You to Rock While Sitting

Some gaming chairs allow you to rock back and forth while sitting. Office chairs can also have this function, but the movement is not as smooth. Gaming chairs that come with a rocking mechanism are similar to rocking chairs, but they are obviously much more stable.

What is the purpose of this, you may ask?

The rocking motion that some gaming chairs have help relieve tension in the muscles, particularly on the back, knees, and hips. When you spend hours sitting, pressure tends to build in certain parts of your body. The rocking helps remove some of this pressure and thus helps avoid pain from occurring. Click here to learn more about how a bad office chair can cause hip pain. We also have an article discussing how a quality ergonomic chair helps neck pain.

Whether you are working or gaming, rocking back and forth can help keep you comfortable without having to stand up (although that is recommended). All that said, it makes more sense to purchase a chair that will allow you to relieve tension both for gaming and working hours.

Gaming Chairs Can Recline Further

A standard office chair has the ability to recline up to a certain point, but there is no beating the deep recline that a gaming chair allows. Some gaming chairs can even recline deep enough to allow you to lay almost flat on your back. This helps relieve tension from your shoulders and upper back, as well as removes pressure from your hips and butt. Of course, this function can also be useful for midday naps.

However, do note that reclining far back on your gaming-slash-office chair will not be very useful if you want to play while laying back. Unless you can significantly extend the height of your monitor, you may not be able to see your screen if your gaming chair is reclined too far back. Nevertheless, a deep recline can be ideal for console gaming.

When is a Gaming Chair a Bad Idea For Office Work?

The only reason why a gaming chair can be a bad idea for office work is its appearance. Most gaming chairs come with flashy aesthetics that might not look professional in Zoom. While this may not be a problem for some people, it is still an important factor to consider.

If it is a potential issue for you, you can easily throw a blanket over the back of your chair when it's time to hop on an online meeting. So, it is not really a problem, but a potential roadblock if professionalism is a very big deal in your workplace.

Are Gaming Chairs Good For Office Work - Parting Thoughts

Just like office chairs, gaming chairs are designed to support the body in the most ideal way possible. They are highly adjustable, meaning you can modify your chair to best fit your size and build. Plus, some gaming chairs have unique features that most office chairs don't--a deep recline and a rocking function.

And on top of all that, gaming chairs come in a wide variety of aesthetics that office chairs don't. You can easily find a gaming chair that fits the color, design, and vibe of your setup, which is something that you may not be able to do with a standard office chair.

Adjustability, ergonomics, aesthetics, deep recline--these are more than enough reasons to say that yes, a gaming chair will definitely make a good office chair. So, don't settle for regular office chairs. If you're a worker by day and a gamer by night, invest in a high-quality ergonomic gaming chair from ErgoTune today. With our high standards for quality and 12-year warranties, you won't find a better deal anywhere else! Get yourself the best ergo chair online today.

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