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15 July 2021

The Complete Guide to Upgrading Your Home Office with Ergonomics 

Realised that you’re less productive at home than at the office? Haven’t been performing up to standard in the past year?

If you think that this is a problem caused by your home office set-up, you might be 100% right.

Although WFH is not permanent, having a proper ergonomic set-up at home now is still good to have.

While ergonomics may sound daunting, we’ve created this guide to help you get back on your feet and perform to your truest abilities.  

Table of Contents

1. The Ergonomic Furniture You Need

1.1 An ergonomic office chair

1.2 A standing desk

1.3 Monitor arms

1.4 Riser

1.5 Anti-fatigue mat

1.6 Laptop stand

2. Tips On Achieving A Good Ergonomics Set-up

The Ergonomic Furniture You Need 

To start off, we've compiled some important ergonomic furniture and accessories that you should consider adding to your home office!

This will bring you a step closer to increased productivity and a better well-being. 

An ergonomic office chair 

We designed this affordable ergonomic chair because we know how it feels like to sit in a bad chair. The cramps, the sweatiness – we’ve been through it all.

We also believe that you shouldn't have to pay so much for a good ergonomic chair, which is why our chair is on-par with premium competitors’ in the market yet priced much more affordably!

We’ve also made sure that the ErgoTune Supreme comes with 11 points of adjustability so that you’ll have the most comfortable sitting experience you could ever have.

Here are some features that we’re proud of: 

  • The ATLAS Auto Tuning Lumbar Support

    Are you constantly worrying about your posture when seated?

    With our lumbar support mechanism, you won’t have to worry about your posture no matter what position you’re in. The lumbar support moves with your body while you move, so your back will always be supported.

    This is important because a good lumbar support reduces the risks of any Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), which is a very common workplace injury for office workers!
  • TriTune 3D Support Headrest

    We also pride ourselves on having the TriTune 3D support headrest because many office chairs don’t come with a headrest. And truthfully, many that do have headrests have a flawed design, which could ultimately lead to health issues in the long run.

    The TriTune 3D support headrest is a game-changer, and it benefits you more than other headrests because of its utmost adjustability.

    This adjustability allows it to fit most people (of height between 150cm to 190cm) and protects your spinal columns even when you’re in recline. It’s built to support you whenever you lean back, which keeps your head and neck correctly aligned in a good posture whether you're seated up straight or leaning back to chill out.

    After all, a headrest is only useful if it’s a good fit for you! We recommend reading up on headrests on an ergonomic chair to find out more. 

  • DuraWeave Hybrid Mesh Upholstery

    Ever felt hot and sticky in your chair after a long day of work? With the DuraWeave Hybrid Mesh upholstery, you can bid those days goodbye!

    While it may look like an ordinary mesh chair, our mesh upholstery is a fabric-mesh hybrid. It’s breathable and just as comfortable as mesh, but it can last much longer.

    It’s also extremely low maintenance, which means that if you’re guilty of snacking and eating in your chair, you can simply vacuum and wipe it down quickly if you’re messy!

    The best part?

    You won’t have to worry about any sagging, tearing, or fraying of the fabric even after years of use. 

  • GyroBrace 5D Armrests

    Having highly-adjustable armrests on a chair is extremely important in ensuring that your arms are spaced apart just right and bent at a 90-degree angle, which is proper sitting posture.

    Our ErgoTune Supreme comes with GyroBrace 5D armrests that are adjustable in height and can be rotated up to 270 degrees, giving you the freedom to position your arms properly in a wide range of poses!  

*Note: Trying out your chair personally is just as important as checking out reviews online so that you ensure the right fit for yourself. If you’re considering the ErgoTune Supreme, do drop by for a visit at our showroom

Need a chair for that all-day comfort? Get the top rated ergonomic chair today!

A standing desk

Standing desks are completely optional, but it helps you to alternate between standing and sitting seamlessly.

Some benefits of using a standing desk include: 

Aside from the ErgoTune Supreme, we have our very own standing desk as well!

The EverDesk+ is fast, quiet, and a good way to ease yourself into a healthier lifestyle. Some features we’re proud of include: 

1. Health Coach

Let’s be real. It’s not easy to remember to alternate between a sitting and standing position every 45 minutes or so.

I mean, your mind is probably focused on figuring out an excel spreadsheet, or troubleshooting some work issue, amirite?

So what makes the EverDesk+ truly unique from other standing desks is the Health Coach controller.

Not only does it save your favourite table heights so that you can switch between them with just a few taps of the finger, it’s also capable of reminding you to switch positions at designated time intervals! 

💡 Alternating between standing and sitting ensures that blood circulates better throughout your body! When more oxygen gets to your brain, it can perform better which will lead to increased concentration.

2. UniGroove

With the UniGroove, you can now have a place for everything and anything on your desk.

It’s a built-in desk organiser that acts as a catch-all – use it to store small items like your handphone and pens; use it to secure space enhancement accessories (we have a bunch of those as well); use it to keep your gazillion wires in check. 

The Modular Desk Shelves – one of our many UniGroove-compatible accessories.

3. Superb Tech

Pardon us while we geek out, but we’re very excited about the tech that does into the EverDesk+ Max.

Firstly, it runs on dual motors

  • This allows it to move 150% faster than other standing desks, at 8cm per second.  
  • It is also 30% quieter, which means that you won’t have to worry about waking up everyone in your block even if you’re working through the night. 
  • It can carry 71% more weight, up to a whopping 120kg. Go ahead and install your dual monitor arms and screens, speaker, and whatever else you need to complete your ideal desk set-up. 

Secondly, it has a built-in GyroAxis Anti-Collision mechanism: 

  • This is a very sensitive sensor that detects obstacles when your desk is moving up or down, halting movement before any damage is done. 

Thirdly, it is a zero-wobble structure: 

  • Designed to resemble a T-shaped column, the desk frame evenly distributes force to give you maximum stability at every height, so that you don’t experience any distracting wobbling while working. 

Finally, it features an extended height range

  • Built to be ergonomic for all body types, the desk can go 10cm lower and 4cm higher than any other standing desk – making it suitable for anyone and everyone to use. 
  • Overall, the height of the desk ranges from 60cm to 124cm.

*P.S. If you don’t need an extended height range or 120kg support, the Everdesk+ Lite is a better suited alternative that’s still big on ergonomic features but light on price!

And the best? It comes with a 10-year warranty. 
Where to buy:

Monitor arms 

With a monitor arm, you can easily adjust your monitor screen to an appropriate height and tilt angle to achieve the perfect focal length.

This reduces the risk of bad posture, because most of us tend to slouch or crane our necks just to look at our computer screen.

Other benefits of having a monitor arm include: 

  • Allows you to switch between working positions

    If you’re using a standing desk, having a monitor arm makes the experience even better. Because the monitor arm can be adjusted in height, depth, tilt angle, and can even be adjusted to landscape and portrait modes, it makes it incredibly convenient to transition from sitting to standing, to any other working positions.
  • Reduces any eye, neck and back strains

    Having an adjustable monitor arm also allows you to adjust it to a height that’s ergonomically ideal for you. If you don't have one, you may be forced to tilt your head up or down to look at your screen, which can result in unnecessary strains!
  • More working space

    Another good point about monitor arms is that they help to maximise the space on your desk, and by extension, your cognitive ergonomics.

    A must-have if you wish to declutter your table and own an organised workspace, our Float Monitor Arm is single-jointed, which allows it to be flush against the wall, making it extra space-saving on your desk.  

💡 Cognitive ergonomics includes work stress and your mental well-being. While it is good to have a healthy level of stress at work, too much negative stress will affect your performance. An unrestful work environment adds on to that stress, so having a clean working station is essential!

Where to buy: 


If you’re not interested in investing in a standing desk, a monitor, or a monitor arm, a riser is a good alternative.

A riser like the Everdesk+ Elevate can turn any working desk into a standing desk! All you have to do is place your laptop on top of it and voila – you have your very own elevated working area.

It can be adjusted to as low as 12cm and as high as 50cm very effortlessly, and it comes with a removable keyboard tray too, so you decide when to keep it or remove it!

Where to buy: 

Anti-Fatigue Mat 

Set on getting a standing desk? An anti-fatigue mat helps you to stay on your feet for a longer period of time safely.

While standing at regular intervals is beneficial to your body, standing too long can cause problems. It could potentially put a strain on your feet, knees and your legs – which makes standing uncomfortable and counter-productive.

Anti-fatigue mats are designed to promote micro movements in your feet and calves to ensure that blood flows consistently even while you stand!

With long term use, you’ll feel more productive with a boosted morale. Most importantly, you’ll reduce the risk of any workplace injuries.

Where to buy: 

Laptop stand

Do you work on the go or hot-desk at your workplace?

Our laptop stand is conveniently sized and can be carried everywhere you go, so you can take it with you even while you’re hot desking!

It’s also affordable and can be adjusted at 5 different tilt angles to suit whatever makes you comfortable. This makes it great for working on any working surface, including your kitchen counter, dining table, or pretty much anywhere you're working at.

Where to buy: 

Tips on achieving a good ergonomics set-up 

If you’ve gotten new ergonomic furniture, well done. You’re on course to better productivity and a healthier body.

The benefits of ergonomics will gradually set in as you use it on a daily basis, so be patient and you’ll notice them soon enough!

That said, getting ergonomic furniture isn’t the only thing you should do.

You should also follow these tips to maximise your ergonomics: 

  • Sit with your feet parallel to the floor. Your legs should not be left dangling in the air. 
  • Put your phone on speaker or use earphones instead of cradling it between your shoulder and head. 
  • Your monitor shouldn’t be too near or too far from you! It should be placed at an arm’s length away. It should also be at eye-level, so you don’t have to tilt your head to read your screen. 

Of course, this list is not exhaustible. Do your own research as well and make do with what you have at home if some of these items are out of your budget.

Some simple fixes include using books to prop up your laptop higher or using a footrest to stop your feet from dangling in the air.

At the end of the day, good ergonomics gives you a comfortable space to work in. Aside from the aesthetics of a clean home office design, you'll also notice boosted productivity and less pains in your body, so think of it as an investment!