The chair that lets you sit back and let ergonomics do its job.

“one of the best-designed office chairs in the market today”
“just when you think you've worked the chair out you find another level of tweaking that makes you sit back in amazement.”
“It features 11 adjustable points for a tailored fit and all-day comfort - plus, its auto-adjusting lumbar support is a gamechanger.”
“an office chair for the work from home generation .”
“if you need a high-quality, highly-adjustable chair to help with posture problems from sitting down all day, there are few better choices than this.”
“given the Supreme V3's mid-range price point, the amount of adjustability on offer is incredibly impressive.”

What makes Vesby special

NEW! Poppits™

Over 300+ designs for unlimited self expression. #OwnYourJoy

SmartFlex™ Pro Lumbar Support

Designed to fit our spine’s natural curve

SyncTilt™ Armrest

360º degree pivot for wider pivoting range to suit all use cases.

Duraweave™ 2.0 Mesh

The soft-est, most breathable mesh suitable for SG’s weather.

14 DynaSync™ Points

Goes beyond regular chair adjustments, to adapt to your body and posture in finer details for optimal support.

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