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“if you need a high-quality, highly-adjustable chair to help with posture problems from sitting down all day, there are few better choices than this.”
“just when you think you've worked the chair out you find another level of tweaking that makes you sit back in amazement.”
“given the Supreme V3's mid-range price point, the amount of adjustability on offer is incredibly impressive.”

Discover ErgoTune

Furniture that empowers you to unlock your potential

Discover boundless versatility

For a go-getter

For a creative soul

I didn’t think my workspace setup was so important for my productivity and creativity

Robert G, Consultant

I love my ErgoTune chair - I’ve been using it for 4 years now and it’s still going strong

Jon S, Tech Entrepreneur

I can now spend loooong hours putting out work while staying comfortable

Nina R, Mixed-media Artist

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