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29 June 2021

Buying an Office Chair in Singapore: What Do You Really Need?

When it comes to buying office chairs, most people don’t pay attention to what they really need. Instead, they’re always buying something that’s “mainstream”. Something common – because a chair’s a chair, right?

Spoiler alert: That’s not how it works.

By doing so, you’re putting yourself at risk of a whole slew of problems concerning your health and work performance.

So instead of buying an ordinary office chair, there could be something else in the market that’s more suited for your needs.

That’s why we’ve created this guide for you to find the perfect addition to your home office.

Table of Contents

1. Consequences of the wrong office chair 2. Types of office chairs in the market 

2.1 Executive office chairs 

2.2 Kneeling chairs 

2.3 Drafting chairs 

2.4 Ergonomic chairs

3. An ergonomic chair for you 

Consequences of the wrong office chair 

We cannot emphasise this enough, but getting the wrong office chair causes more harm than good!

Sitting in the wrong chair for prolonged periods of time can cause a multitude of problems.

1. It causes poor blood circulation.
When your body is confined to an uncomfortable chair, it can cause poor blood circulation in your legs, shoulders, back, and neck.

This reduces the blood supply to your working muscles, and this could cause numbness and fatigue.

2. It causes back and neck pains.
No surprises here. This is mainly caused by the lack of movement in your spine and poor sitting posture that may be exacerbated by your chair.

Both result in overworking your back and neck muscles, which is why you feel stiff and achy.

3. It decreases productivity.
How can anyone work distraction-free if they’re constantly plagued by stiff necks and aching backs?

Because you’re unable to focus on your task at hand fully, your productivity naturally suffers.

4. It causes digestive problems.
If you’re not using the right chair, there’s a high chance that you’re slouching as you sit.

Experts at Harvard state that slouching in your seat after meals can lead to slowed digestion and heartburn, because it puts pressure on your abdomen and forces the stomach acid to travel the wrong way. Not fun.

But fret not.

Getting the wrong chair can be avoided if enough research is done.  

Types of office chairs in the market 

There are tons of office chairs available, but which one is right for you?  

1.  Executive office chairs 


Are you someone who enjoys the finer things in life?

Are you the head of your company?

Or perhaps, are you simply looking to make your office space more elegant? 

Like the name suggests, executive office chairs were often used by higher-ups because of how big and majestic they look. But of course, anyone and everyone can get themselves an executive office chair at home.

These chairs often have a high back design, which makes them suitable for taller users as it provides better lumbar support for them.

To give it that premium look, it’s also often available with leather upholstery, but keep in mind that leather is a material that’s hard to maintain in the long run.

This means that you may find yourself replacing your executive office chair once every few years. It also absorbs heat more than mesh, which lowers the breathability of the chair.

In other words, only get it if you're tall and ready to have your aircon on full blast all day, every day.  

2. Kneeling chairs

Source: Amazon

You're probably thinking, Woah, is that a chair?

Yes, it actually is a chair!

Kneeling chairs are often an uncommon choice as it may look uncomfortable to most people. However, this oddly-shaped chair was designed for a specific purpose.

With a kneeling chair, you can prevent lower back compression and spinal compression. It helps your spine adopt the correct alignment for a good posture, and the lack of a back support forces your core muscles to work harder to remain upright, which provides a form of exercise as well!

That said, these chairs are not meant for long-term sitting.

Instead, it is advised to alternate between a normal office chair and a kneeling chair for a good balance of active sitting. 

💡 Active sitting is being active even while you’re seated so that you improve blood circulation and avoid tiring out your muscles.

Generally, this chair would be a good fit for someone who reaches forward a lot while they work. This sitting position helps to ease your hips forward into a good sitting posture, which better aligns your head, neck, and shoulders.

If you draw, write or sew at work or in your free time, you could consider getting a kneeling chair. (But remember to get up and move about regularly!)

Unfortunately though, kneeling chairs aren’t recommended for taller users since it could be uncomfortable due to their height. 

3. Drafting chairs

Source: Officeworks

Initially designed for engineers and architects – occupations that require long-term sitting – drafting chairs are suitable for those with elevated work surfaces.

Think drafting tables, standing desks, or even kitchen counters.

It’s similar to an ergonomic chair, but it does reach way taller heights and often comes with a footrest. Most drafting chairs also have a backrest with lumbar support too!

While sitting in your chair, your legs should not be left dangling in the air as it can cause poor blood circulation in your legs. This could eventually lead to varicose veins, which is a painful and unpleasant condition!

They come in both chair and stool form, depending on whatever your preference may be. Different drafting chairs also have different adjustable features, so always make sure to check out a few before making your decision.

At the end of the day, if you’re someone who works at your kitchen counter or any other fixed desks that are too tall for an average chair, a drafting chair could certainly be a good match for you.  

4. Ergonomic chairs

Ergonomic chairs are essential for your health and productivity in the office.

Designed to provide all the support your body needs while you’re sitting in your chair, it helps you maintain a good posture. It’s even proven to prevent back pains and Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs), which is a very common workplace injury for office workers!

Compared to other chairs, an ergonomic chair has many points of adjustability which makes it customisable to fit any user too, whether you’re tall or short.

They also offer a wider range of upholstery options, including mesh, fabric, and leather. Personally, we recommend a mesh chair in sunny Singapore since they're way more breathable and durable.

So if you’re someone who: 

  • has been suffering from long-term back or neck pains,  
  • wishes to improve your sitting posture,  
  • wants to get a mood and productivity boost, and 
  • sweats very easily,  

an ergonomic chair is the way to go. 

An ergonomic chair for you 

If you’ve decided to get an ergonomic chair, amazing. You’re on your way to a brand-new level of WFH comfort.

As people who’ve embarked on this journey earlier than you (maybe 4, 5 years ago?), we’ve realised that it wasn’t easy to find good quality ergonomic chairs at affordable prices. So what did we do?

We took it upon ourselves to create our own ergonomic chair, that’s what!

At just half the price of most premium ergonomic chairs, the ErgoTune Supreme is designed to provide tailored support on par with the big boys.

It comes with 11 points of adjustability to really ensure a fit that’s just like a second skin, and some key ergonomic features that we’re really proud of include:  

  • The ATLAS Auto Tuning Lumbar Support
    It’s a smart lumbar support that automatically shifts with you as you move, so that your lumbar region is always flushed against the support it needs. 
  • The TriTune 3D headrest
    As mentioned in our previous article, a headrest is only beneficial if it can be adjusted to fit your body. We made absolutely sure that ours can.  
  • The GyroBrace 5D armrest
    These armrests are height adjustable and can be freely rotated up to 270-degrees, so that your elbows are never left hanging. 

We also created a hybrid fabric-mesh material to best suit Singapore’s humid weather, known as the Duraweave. It basically takes the best of both worlds – the comfort from fabric, and breathability and durability from mesh!

To top it all off, we’ve granted a 12-year warranty for our chairs in hopes that you’ll be just as happy with the ErgoTune Supreme as we are.

Need a chair for that all-day comfort? Get the top rated ergonomic chair today!

*The ErgoTune Supreme is suitable for users between 150cm to 190cm, with a weight limit of 150kg.