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28 July 2021

An Ergonomically Friendly Home: The Ergonomic Furniture You Never Knew You Needed In Singapore 

There’s a lot of emphasis put on workplace ergonomics, but ergonomics at home is also equally as important.

If you have elderly living with you or if you rely on your body a lot while you work, then you’ll be happy to know that ergonomics decreases the risk of any injuries in general.

This guide is here to help you find the ergonomic furniture and accessories you never knew you needed, so that you can upgrade the safety and comfort of your home!

While some of these ergonomic furniture may not be as vibrant or visually pleasing as other furniture you might have around the house, keep in mind that a peace of mind is just as vital as aesthetics. 

Ergonomic furniture to add to your home 

From office furniture to living room basics, here are some ergonomic furniture that can be added to your home! 

Study Room 

As one of the most important rooms in your house for WFH, it’s essential that the furniture in this room is comfortable. This creates a good working environment, which will encourage you to feel more motivated and productive at work. 

1. Ergonomic chair

For starters, having a good office chair can make a huge difference in the way you work. Using an ergonomic chair will reduce existing back pains, increase productivity, and provide better support for your posture. These are especially important if you work for long hours at your desk.

The ErgoTune Supreme is an affordable ergonomic chair that’s guaranteed to provide a better WFH experience. It has 11 fully adjustable points, giving you the freedom to adjust it as you please, so that you won’t have to worry about it not fitting your body properly.

Some notable features of the ErgoTune Supreme include: 

  • The ATLAS Auto Tuning Lumbar Support 
    This smart lumbar support automatically shifts with you as you move, so that your lumbar region is always flushed against the support it needs.  
  • The TriTune 3D headrest 
    Headrests will only be beneficial if it can be adjusted to fit your body. We made sure that ours could be adjustable in height and tilt angle, so you can rest your head comfortably whether you’re reclining or seated upright. 
  • GyroBrace 5D Armrests
    Adjustable armrests are essential for an office chair so that you can sit comfortably with your arms by your side, bent at a 90-degree angle for good sitting posture. Ours can be adjusted in height and can also be rotated up to 270-degrees, which is far more adjustability than most other chairs provide.  

It's also made with Duraweave Hybrid Mesh upholstery, which will keep you cool throughout the day. This breathable material also makes the chair extremely comfortable to sit on as it's a combination of mesh and fabric, yet still has the qualities of mesh!

It also comes with a whopping 12-year warranty and free delivery within Singapore, making it extremely value for money. 

Need a chair for that all-day comfort? Get the top rated ergonomic chair today!

2.   A standing desk 

Image: Everdesk

By now, you probably already know what a standing desk is. But what exactly does a standing desk have to offer?

Well, using a standing desk reduces the risk of neck and shoulder pains. When used after eating, you’ll feel more energised instead of sluggish and weak (because food coma, right?), and you’ll burn more calories!

You shouldn’t just get any standing desk, though.

If you need help adapting healthy desk habits, the EverDesk+ is the perfect work buddy to add to your home. It’s designed to ease you into said habits and empower you to be more productive, motivated, and healthy!

Its special features include: 

  • Health Coach
    If you need reminders to sit at regular intervals, the Health Coach provides. A table height controller that comes with a memory save and reminder alarm function, you can save your favourite table heights to switch between them with ease and set timed intervals for the controller to vibrate, so that you know it’s time to stand up or sit down. You won’t have to worry about slipping back into the habit of sitting all day!  
  • UniGroove
    The UniGroove feature helps you to organise things neatly on your desk, and you can even add more space when needed! Say goodbye to a messy table and hello to a fresh surface. This built-in desk organiser can be used to store small items and other space enhancement accessories that we have. 

💡 If you’ve never used a standing desk before, start with 30 to 60 minute sessions daily before using it for longer durations! You may increase the risk of developing back, leg and foot pains if you make the sudden switch from sitting to standing.

3. Anti-fatigue mats 

If you find yourself standing a lot while you’re working, an anti-fatigue mat will help to improve your productivity and reduce fatigue.

These were designed specifically to reduce fatigue while standing, allowing you to stand for long periods of time while on a hard surface. You could use one while you’re working at your standing desk, or any other household chores that require long periods of standing!

*P.S. If you’re interested in furnishing your study room with more ergonomic furniture, we’ve also written an in-depth guide about how to accomplish a fully ergonomic study!

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Living Room 

Yes, it is possible to have ergonomics in your living room too! Having ergonomic living room furniture keeps you comfortable even while you’re resting, and also ensures that you’re in a proper sitting posture. 

1. An ergonomic sofa 

Image: Fjords 

You’re probably wondering, do ergonomic sofas even exist?

Yes, but ergonomic sofas are not your average sofas.

Ergonomic sofas are firmer than normal sofas. This may sound uncomfortable to some - but if your sofa is too soft, you won’t be getting any support! Though with that being said, it should still have some cushioning so that you’re still feeling nice and relaxed.

Your ergonomic sofa will stop you from slouching, which is essential for having a good posture. Good posture will reduce any existing back pains you may have, besides its many benefits, which you can read about here.

You could consider creating a completely custom ergonomic sofa to cater to each family member, but understandably, some might find that a hassle. An alternative is the Fjords Madrid WS, which has a headrest that can be adjusted in height and tilt angle, a built-in lumbar support, and seats that can recline for the full relaxation experience. 

P.S. This sofa is sold in the US, so you may have to get a proxy to ship it over.

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2. An ergonomic recliner 

Image: Fjords 

For those who prefer to lounge in a recliner, there are also ergonomic options to consider!

An ergonomic recliner helps to strengthen the muscles in your legs and back, as well as improves blood circulation in your body by encouraging you to prop your feet up. By putting your feet in an elevated position above your heart level, it helps the blood in your body to circulate better.

A good ergonomic recliner should also relieve any aches and pains in your joins, and one such recliner is the Fjords Swing Relaxer.

It gives amazing back support with a built-in lumbar support, and also has an adjustable headrest! Like the sofa, the headrests on this recliner can be adjusted in height and tilt angle, giving you optimum support even while you’re in recline.

It has a footrest too, which means that you can prop your feet up instead of leaving it dangling in the air.

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3. Ergonomic dining set 

Image: Amazon 

Why stop at office chairs and sofas? You could also get an ergonomic dining set!

If the table and chair is too short or too tall, it also becomes extremely uncomfortable to use on a daily basis. That said, a full dining set can cost a lot of money, so instead you can focus on dining set ergonomics.

Dining set ergonomics includes making sure that the table and chairs are at an appropriate height. The ideal height of the seat of a chair to the tabletop should be 26cm, so that you can be seated comfortably while you’re at the table. Some chairs also come with armrests, but those are down to your preference. 


Did you know that you spend a third of your life sleeping? To say that you spend lots of time in the bedroom is an understatement.

If you have bad bedroom ergonomics, the 6 to 8 hours that you spend in bed may undo all the good work that ergonomic furniture does to your body in the day!

On the other hand, having good bedroom ergonomics ensures that you have a good night’s rest which can leave you bright-eyed and ready to take on the day. 

1. Ergonomic pillow 

Image: IKEA

It’s the little things that matter, including your pillow. The wrong pillow can cause a whole bunch of problems, mainly disrupting your sleep because of allergies, neck or back pains, or even making existing headaches worst.

An ergonomic pillow may look like an average pillow, but it’s actually specially created to complement your body’s natural position when you sleep.

It cradles the contours created by your body alignment, which in turn cuts down on the tension your body experiences. Your neck will be supported throughout the night, and constant use should reduce aches and pains that are caused by long term sitting.

The IKEA ROSENSKÄRM is a popular ergonomic pillow that can be found at any IKEA store both online and offline, which makes it a very accessible and affordable pillow. At an affordable price, users have reported that their neck pains improved after sleeping with this pillow consistently.

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2. Ergonomic mattress

Image: Sigmund Home

If you’re constantly waking up feeling like you’ve been through the wringer, you could also consider upgrading your mattress to an ergonomic one.

Using an ergonomic mattress helps to improve back pains by giving you the proper support that you need even while you’re asleep. It follows the natural alignment and contour of the spine, which keeps you in good posture.

Like any other ergonomic furniture, it also helps to improve blood circulation by evenly disturbing your weight across the bed. If you've woken up feeling numb in some places, it means that more pressure and stress were put on those points while you were asleep, but using an ergonomic mattress will fix this problem. It also reduces tossing and turning in your bed!

The Sigmund Home Hybrid Mattress is a comfortable ergonomic mattress that also has cooling properties. It is made with 3 layers of highly breathable visco-elastic cooling foam, which keeps you cool and comfortable even on the warmest nights. Also, it has great body contouring support.

If you do end up replacing your mattress with them, they also offer mattress disposal services!

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BONUS: Organisation tips to maximise your wardrobe ergonomics 

Look into your wardrobe right now. Does it look messy?

Have you ever gotten the urge to get a new wardrobe just to re-organise?

It’s impractical to replace your wardrobe entirely, but you could consider changing things up a bit! 

  • Have open shelves for folded clothes. This should also be placed at eye level so you won’t have to bend down much to retrieve your clothing. 
  • Hanging spaces can be left as it is, but keep clothing or items that are rarely used at higher levels instead!  
  • Use dividers, boxes, or drawers to organise your items neatly. 

How you can better achieve ergonomics

Getting new furniture is just the beginning. You should also follow some of these tips to really achieve ergonomics at home! 

  • Move around as much as you can
    Being in a stagnant position for a long period of time is counter-productive even if you’re sitting on ergonomic furniture. Try to get up at regular intervals to walk around so the blood can circulate through your body! 
  • The magic 90-degrees
    Make sure that your elbows, knees, and hips are at a 90-degree angle while you’re seated! 
  • Have a space designated for working
    This is especially important for those who do not have a home office. A fixed working space ensures that you’re familiar with your surroundings, and everything is always adjusted to the height you’re comfortable with.